Toyota Lean Management Centre

The role of TLMC is the transfer of skills and management best practice based on our highly acclaimed and successful Toyota Production System (TPS) and global Toyota Way management concepts. Our aim is to provide you with the lean tools and management behaviours that will enable you to firmly embed lean concepts into your organisation.

Engaging with TLMC gives you access to highly experienced specialists who will provide a tailored program of practical training and onsite coaching across all functions and levels within your organisation. To help cement your understanding, you will benefit from the unique opportunity of studying these techniques at one of our state of the art manufacturing facilities in the UK.


In today’s highly competitive society, lean management training has never been more important

Guided by the Toyota Production Systems and the Toyota Way, the Toyota Lean Management Centre have been supporting organisations who want to develop people and processes since 2009.
A team of experienced Toyota employees from both Toyota’s UK manufacturing plants. Having been drawn from a wide range of disciplines, we have experience providing lean training to a broad spectrum of organisations.
Our services are available to any non-competitive organisation who have a desire to improve. Before engaging we will review your needs and only progress with activity which will add value to your business.
We understand that true success is what happens after an engagement. Our focus is leaving behind systems which can be sustained and people who have the skills required to continue their own journey.

Improved Performance

Delivering Tangible Results For Business & Industry

We firmly believe that the road to Lean can be taken by any process or service organisation. Our clients from areas such as Food, Aerospace, Education, Insurance, Retail, Chemical, Medical and Manufacturing have all seen significant step changes in performance.

Our Services

A full range to deliver sustainable improvements

Lean Training

Courses cover a wide breadth of topics available online and face to face. We have experience working with a diverse range of clients.

If your needs are more unique, bespoke courses can be developed.

Delivering training at a client’s own site allows for immediate application of lean principles. Alternatively train at our North Wales or Derbyshire plants to see how Toyota has applied the principles.


Developing people is the key to developing organisations! Engaging us to coach your leaders will accelerate your lean journey.

The legacy of a coaching activity will be a culture which embraces change, employees who are empowered to solve problems and a deep understanding of tools which can be used to identify and eliminate waste.


Toyota Lean Management Centre will visit your site for an in-depth study to benchmark your organisation against TPS and The Toyota Way.

Available for both manufacturing and service companies.

Understanding the culture of your organisation and how lean tools are currently applied will enable us to propose an action plan tailored to your business.

Our Partners

We are committed to working with our partners to achieve our goals:

  • Providing funding for Welsh companies.
  • Funding for Irish companies via the Lean Business Offer.
  • Programmes for aerospace, off-shore wind and high-value manufacturing.
  • Promoting closer ties and collaboration between the European Union and Japan.
  • An established source of Lean literature and training in Japan.
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Client Testimonials

Working in partnership with Toyota Lean Management Centre means that Fire Services around the world will be equipped with the tools to make them more efficient, reduce waste and ensure the service they deliver to the community reflects real value for money.

Mark Watson - Course Director

It’s been really useful to work with Toyota and gain a fresh perspective on our harness-making system. The Toyota Production System measures led to a 66% reduction in inventory levels, reducing valuable time and costs. These significant efficiency improvements can instead be invested in other valuable areas to improves the lives of people with sight loss.

David Pryke - Workshop Manager

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I would just like to offer a personal thank you once again for the two days with the TLMC team, it was extremely informative and helpful and without doubt I have taken away a lot which will aid me!

Head of Production - Stauff UK

I highly recommend this course for anyone on or about to start their lean journey. This is an excellent opportunity to learn Lean from the experts of how to keep it simple. Great mix of classroom theory and practical use of tools on the shop floor. We have already implemented several learnings from the course.

Continuous Improvement Coach - Dairygold

Being able to visit a working Toyota plant where English is the spoken language has proven very helpful to over 2,000 Irish people TLMC have trained since 2009. Visiting and learning with TLMC has been a fabulous development experience for me and many trainee visitors to the plant, from Ireland and from across Europe.

Dr. Richard Keegan - Trinity College

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In early 2022, we sent our team to the Lean Start program, and it exceeded our expectations. Toyota's team tailored the learning to our site, addressing our unique challenges. It was the most valuable investment we've made in recent years, delivering improvements worth ten times the course cost. We're thankful to Toyota and the Welsh Government for this exceptional program. For Welsh manufacturers aiming to enhance their businesses, it's the ultimate investment.

Oliver Conger  MD - Rototherm

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Toyota Lean Management Centre

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