In today’s highly competitive society, Lean management training has never been more important

Guided by the Toyota Production Systems and the Toyota Way, the Toyota Lean Management Centre have been supporting organisations who want to develop people and processes since 2009.
A team of experienced Toyota employees from both Toyota’s UK manufacturing plants. Drawn from a wide range of disciplines, we have experience supporting a broad spectrum of organisations.
Our services are available to any non-competitive organisation who have a desire to improve. Before engaging we will review your needs and only progress with activity which will add value to your business.
We understand that true success is what happens after an engagement. Our focus is leaving behind systems which can be sustained and people who have the skills required to continue their own journey.

Our Services

A full range to deliver sustainable improvements

Lean Training

Courses cover a wide breadth of topics. We have experience working with a range of clients, helping them apply Lean principles in diverse environments.

If your needs are more unique, bespoke courses can be developed.

Delivering training at a client’s own site allows for immediate application of Lean principles. Alternatively train at our North Wales or Derbyshire plants to see how Toyota has applied the principles.


Developing people is the key to developing organisations! Engaging us to coach your leaders will accelerate your Lean journey.

The legacy of a coaching activity will be a culture which embraces change, employees who are empowered to solve problems and a deep understanding of tools which can be used to identify and eliminate waste.


Toyota Lean Management Centre will visit your site for an in-depth study to benchmark your organisation against TPS and The Toyota Way.

Available for both manufacturing and service companies.

Understanding the culture of your organisation and how lean tools are currently applied will enable us to propose an action plan tailored to your business.

Our most popular courses

  • Five Day Course

    The ultimate Lean training course

    The 5 day workshop explores in detail the concepts of the Toyota Production System and Toyota Way behaviours. A real appetite for Lean is essential, this course is no holiday.

  • 2 Day Lean Management Workshop

    Lean tools and culture

    The 2 day workshop digs into culture. Providing delegates with understanding not only of Lean tools but also the keys to success. The best course for senior leaders.

  • Half Day Lean Introduction Seminar

    An introduction to Lean

    Not sure about Lean or you have employees you would like to introduce to this topic? Observe these at our state of the art manufacturing facility as we introduce you to Lean principles.

  • Effective Line Management

    A deep dive into our shop floor

    Understand how Toyota supervisors promote and maintain high performance. A continuous improvement culture starts at the Gemba, which is where this course takes place.

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  • Providing funding for Welsh companies.
  • Funding for Irish companies via the Lean Business Offer.
  • Programmes for aerospace, off-shore wind and high-value manufacturing.
  • Promoting cooperation between the EU and Japan.
  • Source of Lean literature and training provider in Japan.
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Our Philosophy

Sharing knowledge helps everyone to continuously improve

"The Toyota style is not to create results by working hard. It is a system that says there is no limit to people's creativity. People don't go to Toyota to 'work' they go there to 'think'.

Taiichi Ohno